Another One Down

XianWithSickleMy research into game dynamics has me investigating “Dead Island”. It is according to some reviewer’s a cross between Borderlands, Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising. It is a 2011sep18XuFan4Evershame that this fun game is obviously unfinished. The developers should have used more debugging and delivered a stellar product instead of one that causes you to constantly complain about how it works. Yet PainFTW and I continue playing on this crazy resort island that is zombie infested because of some bioweapon program. Tyler now and then joins in our quest (Xbox gamer tag XuFan4Ever).

The game causes us to repair our weapons frequently and dying, though never pleasant is over within a few seconds. One can then once again jump in and swing ones axe at ever more zombies. There are humans to kill too, though not everyone you shoot at can be killed.

Anyway I must now return to Dead Island to kick another zombie to the ground and smash its skull in with my foot all the while singing in a vicious whisper  “…and another one down, another one down…”.