On the Open Road

Open_RoadI was happy to hear from my friend Judy who is two days into a trip across country. The purpose of her trip is to reunite with her family in Boston. They moved there about a month or so ago and now she is on her way to join them. I can only imagine the struggle she went through mentally to make this journey. Torn between staying with her friends and places she knows or being with her family back east. There goes sharing Friday afternoons with us watching a movie from Netflix through Xbox and shown upon an HD plasma screen. No more shared meals and talk.

Good bye best friend. She has also been my accountant for nearly as long as we’ve been friends. Thus fare well to a dear associate. Bon Voyage!

I now find myself with Leonard Cohen singing in my head. The way too early stuff that they put in the movie “McCabe & Mrs. Miller”. That’s a sign I am depressed. It becomes an endless loop that I find myself audibly humming. It fits my mood. But then hey, that’s no way to say goodbye!

On the phone Judy was jubilant. She confided in me that she had forgotten about the way it feels when you are on a superhighway flying at 75 MPH! Better still that you are the only vehicle to be seen for miles around.  Oh the joy of being on the open road.