Become a Saint


Lately I’ve been living in the Saint Row city of Still Water. I started off with a character that resembled myself. When the final missions on game one became too hard I began Saints Row 2. There I fashioned a female Asian character. She has crow-like makeup on her face with some freckles. Currently she wears her hair in a ponytail. She has lots of tattoos. I’ve also added a Halo but not the devils horns.

It is one of the most violent set of games I’ve ever played. But I find it fun. However the fact that you are rewarded for killing policemen is disturbing. Even innocents can be slaughtered and you get points for that too. It is an over the top sandbox where the more destruction you cause the bigger your reward.

It also teaches that having a protection racket is the way to make millions. My character has so much money now that she is carrying in her purse a half million dollars. She has so much partly because she has bought nearly everything that can be bought. The stores she has “invested” in are paying on average $250 per day. The neighborhoods she controls are also adding their $200 or more a day. She controls over 40 neighborhoods and over 50 stores. Every time she picks up money in her crib now she has no place left to spend it. Even expensive ammo like rockets for the RPG seem cheap with lots of money left over for other things.

In short this is a child’s playground where all their destructive urges can be played out. There are realistic loud explosions and people shouting profanities. My wife is upset to hear their liberal use of “F” word. Saints Row is a virtual world where you definitely need to be a devil to become a Saint.