Get Me To The Church On Time

WeddingCoupleThis is a song from “My Fair Lady” that I always think of when I hear about a wedding. Yesterday an Xbox friend tied the knot in a very traditional manner. The Mariachi band played to an enthusiastic audience. They also backed a singer who said she was sorry but did not know any English versions of Mariachi music.

Yes Nakao100 is now married and I predict 2011sep11Nakao100less likely to be on Xbox for at least a year. It is just another in a long string of changes culminating in a loss that has been happening to me lately. I really wish them both a lot of luck and love, after all everyone who has ever gotten married knows that your first year is definitely the hardest.

I was fortunate to make the reception though I was unable to attend the ceremony because my right foot was in such pain from the day before that I could barely walk. Thankfully it healed enough that I could drive my wife and me to the Del Monte building where the reception was held on the second floor. I forgot that Mathilda actually went over Evelyn so we had to double back but eventually found it. I dropped Betty off at the door and uselessly went around the parking lot several times before looking for and finding a parking space a couple of blocks away.

The music was loud and the food was good. The mood was very festive. There was a photo boot and costumes to dress up in. It drew a crowd the whole time we were there. Silly hats and masks and strange wigs and glasses made for a child like joy similar to Halloween. Of course there were children running about and getting underfoot. But an announcer kept the ceremony going and all of us informed of what was happening next.

I really hope the newlyweds enjoy Maui, Hawaii which is their honeymoon destination.

My feet should heal by the next wedding and allow me to see the ceremony provided they get me to the church on time.