Do vs. Don’t

PinkPantherIt is amazing how many people focus on the negative. What if I suggest that you not think of a pink panther. Assuming you have seen a panther and that you know the color pink, in your mind I expect you will see an image of a pink panther even though I told you not to! That is a clue to how your brain and the universe works. It only understands the positive portion and ignores the negative notion. It is a simple truth that when applied to your life will allow you to better focus it on all that you can accomplish.

Another simple truth. We are made in the image of God. Many religions believe this to be so. Thereby God must have a brain and that brain like ours whose it is modeled after must also think of a pink panther when told not to. So when you pray think of what you want in positive terms. Then God and the universe will respond.

Quantum effects do not disappear just because we scale up from the most tiny to our size. They are proof that we live in a universe connected to everything. Every decision ripples throughout the entire universe. Regardless of the impression that we have of solid things and only existing in our own body. We are all merely code that runs in God’s computer with God being the ultimate programmer. We are God’s creation so we too think and create virtual worlds made up of fractals that present our vision of what we perceive reality to be.

We will always be. This is true as long as any part of us can combine and be together again. Take all of our atoms and someday they will once again randomly come together. One of those random coming together will be an exact duplicate of what we are this instant. Everything that constitutes what we believe to be ourselves will in fact someday exist again. It will do this an infinite number of times. Much time may pass between these happenings, however it will happen. That is the rule of infinity when combined with true randomness.

The only possible explanation for a universe that has life is that God too is alive and that all life derives from God. Many rightly believe God created all that we have. With the knowledge of how the brain works, how God is the mold and that we make things in our own image just as did the creator of all things, you should now understand and apply the wisdom that accomplishments happen when you do vs. don’t.