Just Another Holiday

HolyLaborToday is Labor Day. It is designated as an official holiday in the good old U S of A. At first I thought it was just another Mother’s Day. Which always falls on a Sunday a day most working people stay home. But which is not a paid holiday. Thankfully most people will at least think of their mothers on or about that day.

Labor Day is a paid celebration but not for our mothers in the process of giving birth. No, it is for the true strength of any country. It is all about its workers. The builders, welders, mechanics, lifters, waiters and waitresses. Those in construction as well as on the road. Those in food and basically any union worker, which includes musicians whose work is often a labor of love. Basically it is anyone who is not wealthy nor management and desperately needs to earn their daily bread.

Every holiday is a gift from the rich to the working class. Every business bemoans having to pay their workers for not working. However every worker sees a holiday as their right to have fun and be paid for doing so. Regardless of what I think about it, that is the way it is. After all I was a worker once too. However when I became an independent business rosie-lgperson and head of my own consulting firm I realized that no one would be paying me to celebrate a holiday.

My other concern is that the word holiday derives from both holy and day. I suppose that because on such days one did no work  and feasted that eventually any day one celebrated became a holy day as well. But it is irksome to consider that a laborer is somehow associated with a divine power unless they are a monk, priest, rabbi or other personage in a religion.

The laborer is so important that here in the USA we have an entire department devoted to it, the DOL!

But how can one tell who is a laborer? They are all those who are not part of the management. Sometimes it feels that management and labor have opposite points of view. Lately management has been winning by getting rid of unions. Only when one remembers the hard work it took to build this country can one appreciate how special today is. Ask any union worker. They will tell you Labor Day is not just another holiday!