Month: September 2011

Yesterday’s Gone

I had lunch with one of my nephew’s yesterday. He wanted to introduce me to his friend Monica. We went to Black Bear Diner recently opened in Milpitas. Monica ordered a sandwich, Nicolas a French toast and I went with eggs benedict and of course a glass of their freshly squeezed orange juice. All went […]

How To Fix It

My investigation into Dead Island has been sidetracked by “Gears of War 3”. The Locust are back in a more beautiful than ever rendition. The details are amazing though most of the time I am too busy dodging gun fire, explosions and melee attacks by the Locusts to really notice. We are testing co-op with […]

Just Another Manic Monday

To better understand me one should begin by playing this song as you read my blog. Play it loud enough to hear but not so loud that it drowns out or distracts from my voice. I read every one of these blogs out loud over and over again making sure that my message is easily […]

Another One Down

My research into game dynamics has me investigating “Dead Island”. It is according to some reviewer’s a cross between Borderlands, Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising. It is a shame that this fun game is obviously unfinished. The developers should have used more debugging and delivered a stellar product instead of one that causes you […]

On the Open Road

I was happy to hear from my friend Judy who is two days into a trip across country. The purpose of her trip is to reunite with her family in Boston. They moved there about a month or so ago and now she is on her way to join them. I can only imagine the […]

Become a Saint

Lately I’ve been living in the Saint Row city of Still Water. I started off with a character that resembled myself. When the final missions on game one became too hard I began Saints Row 2. There I fashioned a female Asian character. She has crow-like makeup on her face with some freckles. Currently she […]

Get Me To The Church On Time

This is a song from “My Fair Lady” that I always think of when I hear about a wedding. Yesterday an Xbox friend tied the knot in a very traditional manner. The Mariachi band played to an enthusiastic audience. They also backed a singer who said she was sorry but did not know any English […]

Do vs. Don’t

It is amazing how many people focus on the negative. What if I suggest that you not think of a pink panther. Assuming you have seen a panther and that you know the color pink, in your mind I expect you will see an image of a pink panther even though I told you not […]

Just Another Holiday

Today is Labor Day. It is designated as an official holiday in the good old U S of A. At first I thought it was just another Mother’s Day. Which always falls on a Sunday a day most working people stay home. But which is not a paid holiday. Thankfully most people will at least […]

Rent vs. Own

As is my habit, I went to see my mom yesterday. We had really good dim sum. We ate a large bowl of wonton soup. The broth was delicious. Shortly after I took her home my nephew Daniel arrived with wife Ana and their two children Nadia and Sean. We started discussing the age old […]