A Time of Loss

RaindropsThere are cycles in the universe and I believe I could get most people to agree that we are as a world currently in a down cycle. Money, though abundant as ever has become scarce for those without it. Shows on television and the movies about treasure have become very popular.

Yesterday I took my mom to Yeah restaurant. I would have preferred dim sum, but I suspected that it would be the last time I saw Sophia. When we got there she confirmed that she is leaving. She is off to another city which contains a university where she will continue her education. I wished her a good life and told her I hoped our paths would cross again someday.

Later I had a conversation with a good friend who would be already gone except her home is still up for sale. Worse she is considering lowering the price even further in an attempt to sell it even faster. Her being across the country led to a discussion about Skype and other means of communication. She is leaving with the thoughts that images and sound can replace actually being here. To me it only prolongs the agony. Also I am somewhat a dinosaur. I grew up with a phone in my hand and never had a desire to transition to a cell phone. The fact that my landline is now internet based is a revolution that was difficult to transition to and was somewhat forced upon me because it was less expensive than a landline.

I was honest and told her that I did not want a camera connected to my computer, nor a microphone for that matter. Seems to me the phone should be the way to remain in contact. She also suggested email, but then she has never really used it as a means to communicate with me. I would often insist she send me one for the convenience of having a link to whatever URL she would be telling me about. Alas my memory fails me on simple things like remembering anything in detail.

My own presumption is that ones locale will dictate ones activity. She will soon be busy in a new environment. But I am more than willing to use email, however I am doubtful that it or any other method will replace actually being with someone.

Besides that one of my sisters has a growth in her brain that it will take several years to cure. When we first heard of it we panicked because we were afraid she would be permanently gone shortly. However the outlook has brightened and that inevitable loss now seems much further away.

I am not good with changes and am very much a creature of habit. But what does one do when change is forced upon you? I am dealing with it as best as I can. The worst loss is my source of income. It has been a struggle finding clients. I have gone many months now with promises from one and years without finding any new one. It makes me wonder if being over 60 has anything to do with it in a youth oriented culture. I would like to think not, for that would be another sadness in a time of loss.