Designer of Masks


My new area of work is “Army of Two: 40th Day”. I am collaborating with PainFTW to better understand the mechanics of this game. First impression is that they borrowed a SpaceForRentlot from “Gears of War”. However one unique aspect is the ability to make your own custom mask. Above I have three examples of my own design.

I love SpaceForRent as it exemplifies the entrepreneur side of the game. They are in it for the money and one must look at all the ways one can to make money. I had some problem posting my original design without the knives on the side so I added them as a test but wound up liking them as they seemed appropriate within a world of mercenaries.

My next favorite mask is one I call ItalianTableclothWithFlower. It looks like this prior to being applied to the mask.ItalianTableclothWithFlower In my opinion it is simplistic but effective in giving one’s enemy a sense of about to have a good meal which unknown to them will be their last supper.

Finally we get to AngryFroggy. This is my effort to incorporate several designs to enhance the effect of a large frog mouth AOT-AngryFroggyabout to swallow your soul. The frog is associated with the dragon. I have added lightning bolt eyebrows and flaming hair to increase the sense of terror this mask should create in your gut.

Designing them was a good exercise in getting to know how the mask will deform the mask as it is applied which often requires re-editing after seeing what it actually looks like on the final product. As with any artistic effort one can never know when one is through learning ones craft. However my entrepreneurial nature inclines me to apply this as an ability for hire, sooner rather than later.

Thus I now add to my resume the title “Designer of Masks”.