Mother’s Little Helper

RollingStoneTongueThis song keeps playing in my head. Maybe because I’m over 60. If so what a drag it is getting old. Perhaps by telling you about it I can be rid of it. However I do like the song and even remember some of the lyrics.

But a song is more than the words that it contains sung to the music. There are meanings behind that come through when one listens to the in-between. In the gaps between the notes and words is a frustration. We are all coping with the real world and even our mother’s need some help dealing with reality.

It is more than coming up with enough money to pay the mortgage or the rent. While some believe it is only money, others understand that in most cases no amount of money would cure their ills. Why? My answer is balance. In a world of extreme’s it is only with much practice that one can find and maintain a balance. We have muscles in our brains that keep us on a path of sanity. The ones that stop us from becoming the scourge of society. We need to exercise them as much as we need to exercise our bodies. They are our “spidey sense” that let us know when danger is near and prepares us to deal with it.

Only when one has attained a modicum of this balance can they then spend time helping others. The next person who will need your assistance is your mom. Always do your best to be your mother’s little helper.