In The Life Of An Avatar

2011aug09 reppoHssarg Antfarm_009I went to see my avatar “reppoHssarg Antfarm” in Second Life today. It took several attempts at downloading new versions of Second Life, but I was finally able to enter, look about and take a good picture of reppo. I stopped exploring SL years ago when the corporations came in. Also more and more owners of the virtual lands were being hostile and not allowing anyone to be in the vicinity of their creation. Worse were the pranksters that would demonstrate their skill in scripting by blowing your avatar to some place far away. I also remember working long hours on reppoHssarg’s looks until they seemed right to me. 2011aug09 FireFox3Rdy2KilI did my best to capture a sense of me in my creation, much more so than FireFox3Rdy2Kil who is something like a female Vulcan, Pixie or Vampire. Though that might be hard to tell in her San Francisco’s Giant’s uniform. They are a couple of the many puppets I use to explore the virtual worlds the gods of gaming have created.

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated another anniversary. We passed the 25 year silver anniversary mark several years ago and are now shooting for the gold. By then I will have spiraled around our sun more than 80 times! To celebrate last night we went to an Italian restaurant that served me a bland fettuccine alfredo. I ate about half of it and complained to the waiter who got the manager. I explained it was disappointing and I had eaten half of it already. I wasn’t trying to get a free meal, I was hoping they would take notice and improve the dish for some future visit. The sauce should be something that you want to take some bread and scoop it up and relish its flavor. Unfortunately what was served to me was not that delicious. It was just bland. They also forgot to serve us our wine. But by then I had already decided I really did not want any. So it was a bit fortuitous. Thank God that my wife’s meal was good!

An avatar really has no life other than what we direct it to do. They literally do not exist other than as pixels on a screen. There currently is no thought process to speak of. We can script them to wave or dance, smile or cry, but it is a façade. A sham. One might even consider it a con job, for we get fooled into imagining ourselves in the avatars position. Perhaps the time we put into using them breaths life into that imaginary person living in an imaginary world. They exist in an exciting place where if the gods of that worlds creation have done their job you forget where you are as you spend yours in the life of an avatar.