Restarting Your Life

Hawaii-ValleyLargeIt seems like it takes forever to write down my thoughts. I woke up around 10 AM and it is now twenty minutes later. In that time I got dressed and sat down at my computer expecting to add an entry to my blog. Well I pull up Writer and Microsoft sends me an announcement that an update is waiting to be applied. I accept and it takes nearly 10 minutes to update a lot of their “Essential” programs that I hardly ever use. In fact I did not even know they were on my system. Just when I thought it was finally done it comes back with “Windows needs to do a restart” and gives me the choice of  “Now” or “Later”.

I chose “Now” as I have learnt that many things are serial in nature. Also I have already waited and would rather they complete the task than to complicate it with trying to use Writer and not knowing in what state it is in. After all there was no explanation of what the update was doing to fix Writer or their plethora of programs.

All of this goes inline with my thought about how my life has been going lately. I have seemingly recovered from the events that lead to my disability to walk in Las Vegas and the long painful process of recovery since then. However there is more in my life I wish to correct. Yet I hesitate to implement a solution. This is obvious only when I think about it. Yes, we all need an update. Something to get us out of our rut and seeing the important things we have avoided by being robots. Even if we choose to return to our habits, it should be only after we determine that they are helping us in our journey. If there is a habit that is detrimental, we should replace it with one that is helpful.

My other thought is that it is good that life is broken up into days by sleep. It allows us to appreciate the fact that we can wake up, walk around and experience life. It fools us into thinking we are born again. There is a sense of being on an adventure as we try to remember who we are and what it is we are attempting to accomplish. More to the point, today is the day you could be restarting your life.