Month: August 2011

Be A Defender

My papa died just before Super Bowl in 1985. That is a way of telling you that he is no longer around to dispute what I am about to say. This type of entry belongs in a diary. I know that and yet here it is in my blog. I had to grow up quick. […]

A Time of Loss

There are cycles in the universe and I believe I could get most people to agree that we are as a world currently in a down cycle. Money, though abundant as ever has become scarce for those without it. Shows on television and the movies about treasure have become very popular. Yesterday I took my […]

Designer of Masks

My new area of work is “Army of Two: 40th Day”. I am collaborating with PainFTW to better understand the mechanics of this game. First impression is that they borrowed a lot from “Gears of War”. However one unique aspect is the ability to make your own custom mask. Above I have three examples of […]

From Dust

Here is a game that I tried the trial to and liked so much that I bought it online. It is a god game of sorts. Something like Lemmings where you can affect parts of the game but rely on the tribe to do the right thing. It is called “From Dust” and your role […]

Mother’s Little Helper

This song keeps playing in my head. Maybe because I’m over 60. If so what a drag it is getting old. Perhaps by telling you about it I can be rid of it. However I do like the song and even remember some of the lyrics. But a song is more than the words that […]

In The Life Of An Avatar

I went to see my avatar “reppoHssarg Antfarm” in Second Life today. It took several attempts at downloading new versions of Second Life, but I was finally able to enter, look about and take a good picture of reppo. I stopped exploring SL years ago when the corporations came in. Also more and more owners […]

Restarting Your Life

It seems like it takes forever to write down my thoughts. I woke up around 10 AM and it is now twenty minutes later. In that time I got dressed and sat down at my computer expecting to add an entry to my blog. Well I pull up Writer and Microsoft sends me an announcement […]