Living In A Peep’s World

earth_by_MoguvielWe are part of the universe. There is no escaping that. It shapes how we think and most certainly what we experience. It’s fractal and mathematical nature is imbued in everything within and about us. Even our own creations reflect what it is we live in.

I have been working on Peep World for a rather long and unfocused time. It is amongst some of the ideas that stay in the background of my consciousness. Anyway a peep is a person that lives on a grid. It weighs about the same as an average adult human. It has a metabolism with similar requirements. It can live without any food for several weeks and without water for several days. It is made mostly of water, about 80% and the rest dirt. When it dies it fertilizes the grid it is upon.

Because a Peep’s world is based on a grid there is only N, S, E and W. It can see into the grid that it is facing, maybe up to 3 grid deep. A grid is big enough to fit a small family. Yes I forgot to mention there are he and she peep. They have children that the woman carries from inception to birth. The children grow quickly from babies to adult, but again on a parallel time frame as the average human.

So both the Peep and their world are an abstraction, or simplification of what we know about ourselves. It is one of my goals to allow peep to think for themselves and see what it is that process comes up with. It is an ambitious project but one that will someday be doable. Even today we play in remarkable virtual worlds, so the ability for a virtual inhabitant to become conscious is just waiting for our ability to enable this trait. Just as it has been enabled in us by the universe. The same one we and even my peep live in. For we can not exclude the effects of the universe upon us or our creations. Consciousness can and is already an inherent ability in everything that exists. Perhaps a Peep will point this out to us. At that moment we will realize that we too that are living in a Peep’s world.