One More Thing To Do

TooMuchWorkOne would think I had plenty of free time on my hands. However there are many things that I have avoided by focusing on my work and using Borderlands as my sandbox. It is great that one can have fun doing one’s work. In fact there is no rule that says work must be a chore.

However time passes and other things that must be done still require my attention. They are like pests that will not be gone without effort on your part. Recently our house had an infestation of little moths. They would fly about in front of the big screen making themselves seen and detracting from whatever it was we were watching. Mostly they are easy to kill but require one to get up off the couch and chase them. If they land they will be squashed, but catching them while they fly requires some dexterity and speed. With an infestation there is always another to take the dead ones place.

That is similar with things to do. We have setup our society as if we all have nothing better to do during periodic times throughout the year. For example all of my bills are paid once a month. A task that I will need to take over as my accountant is leaving and I cannot afford to replace her at this time.

My wife is a good one for dishing out things that she needs done and thinks I have time to do. If only she would express gratitude for what I have done instead of displeasure. Why it that in her eyes I have somehow, always got it wrong. Yet regardless of how inept I appear to her, she always has a task for me. Just one more thing to do.