Be a Gunsmith

2011jul20CosmicStrikeIt is still Borderlands that is taking up a majority of my time. 2011jul20PainFTWHowever I am joined by CosmicStrike ==>   &
<== PainFTW in my current endeavors. They are helping me gain those silly achievements that exist for the sole purpose of providing more  gameplay with an otherwise simplistic game. The object of which (surprise!) is to shoot everything that moves.  Much of the rest of our time is spent finding new weapons and abilities in the debris dropped by our dead enemies.

This has lead me on a personal quest to understand the pricing system, which to date I can find no satisfactory answer for, though there is a GearCalc that seems to accurately mimic what is done in the game. I have tried to contact the author, DuncanFogg with no reply to my inquiry as of yet. However he has posted in a forum some details of the mechanics and formula for damage. The community has provided feedback and thus more errors by the original programmers of Borderlands (code name Willow during development) has been uncovered.

Below are the characters we play in co-op. On left is the siren usually played by CosmicStrike. On right is the berserker used by PainFTW. Then in the center is my hunter.

What the game is missing and is currently illegal on Xbox but seemingly legitimate on PC is the ability to create a weapon from the parts you have salvaged. This does not stop some gamers and of course there are those that abuse their fellow gamers with insane creations that at best annoy and at worse actually destroys valuable data that is lost forever. All of which could have been avoided if only the developers had allowed us to be a Gunsmith.ThreeAmigos

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