Chinese Curse

Borderlands-Lilith3Getting back to normal is difficult. Perhaps the number of years I’ve spent upon this ball spiraling a sun is taking its toll. That virus making Betty and I cough everyday is also a contributing factor. It is mostly gone, but then as a reminder I suddenly start to cough and produce even more green gunk. Sadly Betty is still in the midst of recovering from it.

Most days are spent studying the workings of a game called Borderlands. Now PainFTW has joined me in my quest to gather the remaining achievements. We are just passing time until BF3 comes out.

Last week I had lunch with Judy and her friend Lynda at the New Penang Garden. We had various dishes with coconut rice. I like the green curry chicken. Judy the mango chicken and Lynda a dish she had to go back and ask what the name of it is. She thought it started with and “L” but it actually starts with an “R”. It was a nice lunch that we topped off with desert that I certainly did not need and usually decline. My desert was a decadent four pieces of fried banana with a scoop of coconut and vanilla ice cream. Judy and Linda shared a plate of crunchy peanut butter filled crepes.

Yesterday I stopped by Wok Star Express for more chicken and broccoli with steamed rice. Unfortunately Jenny was off on a break, but Debbie, the owner’s wife was nice and the cook recognized me and immediately made my dish. Afterwards she brought me some pudding that Jenny had made that contrasted horribly with the melon on the plate. After I ate the melon I again tried the pudding to determine its content. It looked like string beans and unidentifiable chunks swimming in a milk of some kind. Perhaps coconut milk. The chunks tasted and had the consistency of Lychee, a grape-like fruit.

To sum up, as the saying goes, hope springs eternal! I live each day to be healthier and take steps to become so. There are still issues to deal with but that is what makes life interesting. But to live in interesting times is a Chinese curse!

2 thoughts on “Chinese Curse

  1. Hi Geary,
    I did enjoy the lunch and the mystery food but I had to let you know my name is spelled “with a y” – Lynda… just to be different…


  2. Hi Lynda,

    Thank you for letting me know. Fortunately I was able to correct my error. It’s nice you are different. Perhaps our friend Judy should spell hers as “Judi”. Then she could be different as well.


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