Month: July 2011

Living In A Peep’s World

We are part of the universe. There is no escaping that. It shapes how we think and most certainly what we experience. It’s fractal and mathematical nature is imbued in everything within and about us. Even our own creations reflect what it is we live in. I have been working on Peep World for a […]

One More Thing To Do

One would think I had plenty of free time on my hands. However there are many things that I have avoided by focusing on my work and using Borderlands as my sandbox. It is great that one can have fun doing one’s work. In fact there is no rule that says work must be a […]

Be a Gunsmith

It is still Borderlands that is taking up a majority of my time. However I am joined by CosmicStrike ==>   & <== PainFTW in my current endeavors. They are helping me gain those silly achievements that exist for the sole purpose of providing more  gameplay with an otherwise simplistic game. The object of which (surprise!) […]

Chinese Curse

Getting back to normal is difficult. Perhaps the number of years I’ve spent upon this ball spiraling a sun is taking its toll. That virus making Betty and I cough everyday is also a contributing factor. It is mostly gone, but then as a reminder I suddenly start to cough and produce even more green […]