Viva Vacation

We made it to Las Vegas and back. That is the only good news. Arrival here has my wife visiting the doctors and both of us are now coughing up gunk, though she seems more affected than I. My own health is poor because both feet failed me during the trip. We started off by driving up to Lake Tahoe. The next day we made it to Lone Pine as planned. Finally on the third day we drove into Las Vegas and I collapsed on our bed in the Tropicana and did not move for nearly two days.

Fortunately my cane was in my car and I was able to hobble about and at times use a wheelchair so that our trip was not entirely spent in room 530. We were unable to obtain an ankle support that properly fit, they have apparently been redesigned to “better fit” all ankles, except mine.

Our highlight was to be the Chris Angel “Believe” show at the Luxor. Again I attended via wheelchair, though once at the show I transferred to a standard seat. We waited anxiously and the woman sitting next to us was telling how she and her husband who was sitting in their assigned seats (she could not walk to sit where he was) had based their entire trip to be here at that show. Her ankle was apparently operated on unsuccessfully and she has been told to just live with the fact she will not walk again.

Anyway a few minutes after the show was to begin a message started that there would be a delay. This went on for about a half hour when they finally announced that this show was now officially cancelled. I was of course disappointed and felt sorry for the couple unable to sit together who had come all the way from Ontario, Canada just to see his show. But a lot of people were angry. It was a mess and a security guard assisted us pushing me in their provided wheelchair to Valet where our car was waiting, and after getting there, we were waiting for it as well.

Earlier in the week we had seen the Blue Men group and I enjoyed it a lot. I did not enjoy the bright lights or the loud music, but everyone seems that much more deafer and blinder regarding stimulus. As I said I really liked their show.

Now I am approaching healthy again. My left ankle is still sore. Walking is still an issue. I continue to rest and hope to recuperate shortly. I notice significant improvements but am bothered that so little of what we had wanted to do was accomplished. We never made it to Scottsdale and will now wonder what it would have been like to stay in the Indigo. I wish to stress that throughout I have done my best to maintain a positive attitude and work through whatever pain to regain my ability to move about freely. I am nearly there but am cautious. My goal is to regain as much health as possible. My reluctance is the work involved to do so. I am a naturally lazy creature and would rather sit than stand and ride than walk. However I am doing what I can to apply better habits that will lead to better health.