Jack LaLanne is Gone

Jack_LaLanneI was surprised to learn that Jack LaLanne died Sunday, January 23, 2011. He had made it to 96 years of age. I do not recall any talk of his demise, but then I do my best to ignore the news. I remember watching his show in my youth. I wish I could say I was encouraged by his endeavors but I did little more than watch him workout and never attempted to follow his advice.

I started today by looking up Food Revolution which led me to ABC where I watched “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” online which I had missed yesterday. There are commercials which I ignored by turning my volume off and counting the seconds in my head with eyes mostly shut. I missed a few seconds of the show that way. But as they are mostly repeating what was said prior to commercial, I actually did not miss any of it.

After that I explored more on the topic and remembered Peter Jackson and his remarkable weight loss. I browsed the site containing the article and then remembered Jack and wondered how he was doing. My first search just brought up a biography. Then the search engine suggested obituary.

I clicked and discovered Jack LaLanne is gone.JumpingJack

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