Month: May 2011

How To Find It

Have you ever lost something? Misplaced it and then went mad trying to find it? Though it still happens to me now and then, I do my best to put things down only where I expect to find them again. For example my car keys have a place on the corner of my dresser, which […]

All The Marbles

Lately I have been pondering finite sets. There is a game we all use to play called Marbles. It is an old game with a simple rule. Every round each player puts up one marble and the winner gets all the marbles that were in play. This naturally favors the player with the most skill […]

Is Money What You Want?

Most people will agree with the statement “Money, that’s what I want”. On your left is one of the last paper equivalent for something truly valuable, GOLD! The simple answer to why that metal is worth so much lies in the theory of Supply and Demand. Because gold is desirable there is high demand for […]

Merry Mother’s Day!

Even Picasso acknowledged Mother’s day by painting the beautiful mother and child on your left. In my family we are still lucky to have our Mom’s. However my mama refuses to participate in the “Let’s take mom to a restaurant!” on Mother’s day craziness. Instead she just asks to be with her children, which I […]

Speak Slower Please!

As I study various languages I notice that there is a tendency to teach a language at a slow rate with emphasis on pronunciation. However the native speaker is often much faster and clumsier in their manner of speaking. It is more than just the accent. It is fast and lazy speech due to familiarity. […]

Put On a Happy Face!

There is no doubt in my mind that I am an optimist. Especially in these days where it is tough to find work and opportunities seem far and few between. My car has been needing new tires so I decided it was finally time. We will do a road trip soon and I like to […]

Life Can Be Done in an Instant

I imagine I am a moth on a wall. Most likely I am asleep. I presume this because I do not move as a large predator approaches. Perhaps I am dreaming of flying in the moonlight or munching down on a delicious tidbit. <<<S P L A T>>> My life as a moth is over […]