Decoration Day

UnkownSoldierYesterday was the official observance of Decoration Day. However the name was changed and the date became floating as the last Monday in May to assure everyone a three day holiday weekend. It is now called Memorial Day. A day on which to remember even the unknown soldier on our left.

I am no fan of real war. Yes I have played war games on my Xbox. I also understand that a lot of our freedoms are insured by the United States being a mighty military power. It will always be that way until all people of the world are united as one. Perhaps Global change will transform and become universal change so that hell will indeed freeze over. It is possible though highly unlikely.

Even where my family came from there was war. We were forced out of China because the communist won. They told all foreigners to leave their country or die. My parents rightly chose to flee Shanghai in 1949. This allowed me to be born on international ground located on a United Nations camp in the island of Samar, an island of the Philippines.

It is a happy day now with many an American proud that our boys and girls have shown the world what we are made of. We forget about Vietnam and Korea whilst we remember WWII & WWI as well as more recent wars around Iraq. But in fact all those wars were horrible. Many died but even more returned damaged. The new euphemism is to use a lot of words to describe the missing limbs and those who have lost their sight and/or hearing as the physically challenged.

When times are tough and jobs are far and few between, it is they who suffer most, the ones who literally gave a limb, an eye, an ear for their country. So that you and I can be couch potatoes and not worry about our freedoms being taken away by some foreign power. When in fact our freedoms are being threatened by our own government with the pretense that we are being protected from terrorist, who have already died! We the people being treated in mass as suspects because of the actions of a few crazy people. It is not right and certainly not what they fought and died for.militaryCemetary