Die Again and Again Just To Progress

Borderlands-EnemyBorderlands takes place in a very violent world. Nearly everything in it wants to kill you. There is no option to make friends. It is all about the guns and violence. There is almost no time to admire the immense landscapes as bullets keep flying and attacks are coming from things underground as well as all manner of beasts and flying things. A lot of the humans are insane. But when they die, they scream and cry that they do not want to die! When they burn, because your weapon will also dispense fire or acid or electricity or even an explosion as well, they run around furtively trying to put the fire out.

But there is no room for sympathy. All too soon you encounter too many enemy at once. Your shields are gone and you are bleeding to death. If you can kill somethingBorderlandsLilith you will remain in the fight with a second wind. But all too often you die. Then a whirlpool happens and you are sucked back to life at a nearby resurrection station that generously brings along all your inventory. However it charges you a good percentage of your current wealth to do so. I have two characters that I am evolving in this world. One is a hunter and the other a siren. My hunter is now a level 31 out of 50.

Perhaps this is how the real world works. We conceive of resurrection as a means of keeping the game going. We create it in our virtual world because one day it will be in our real world. In fact some other race in existence has already made one. But we are ignorant savages on the rim of the Milky Way galaxy and not privy to the goings on of galactic culture. No the best this third rock from the sun can do is create insane worlds with insane humans and animals so that we can exercise our bloodlust without guilt.

But I feel guilt. At times I wonder why I have invested so much time in all the games of violence. Even Portal2 while being puzzle based is also into the dark side of emotions. There are two protagonist companions, one an idiot and the other hates you for murdering her in the previous game. Yet it feels good to survive and overcome an enemy. So I continue to manage my ever growing arsenal. I need to bring my character up to level 50. Yes I return to the game of Borderlands so that I can die and die again just to progress.