Just The Facts Ma’am!

JackWebbThis blog is not about Jack Webb or Dragnet, but I must give credit to where it is due. Thanks to badge 714 I know how to think. I am a big fan and must have watched nearly all the episodes. I just could not get enough, it was so captivating.

But it did not turn me into a cop or even a boxer. It did instill a desire to fight the good fight. Also it added to whatever it is I have become.

My blog is how to get to just the facts. To eliminate the superstition and make believe and stick to the core issues. A feat nearly impossible to accomplish in a gray world. If only everything was just black and white. If only it were easy to separate truth from lie. However behind most lies there is a motive. Find that motive and you arrive closer to the truth. Sometimes getting very close is the best we can do. Rather than fact we often get opinion. It is the correct one if the reasons presented and how JustTheFactsMa'ammany of them align with the rationale of the one stating their opinion.

Science claims most of its power from the ability to reproduce an experiment. To show that the hypothesis must be correct for the results only vary by a small amount of deviation from predicted. However there are things that occur that are hard to reproduce. Visitations from recently deceased loved ones are often dismissed as our brains creating a presence that we long for. But perhaps they really did come to us in our hour of needing them to be back, if only for a tiny bit.

But I am again off track! Originally as I started this I was thinking how our core concepts rely on facts. That our assumptions during speech depend on correspondence with our knowledge and a shared symbolism that allows us to interact. A core concept like “Help! Call 911, I need help!” is immediately understood and can be acted upon. But too often we digress and lose focus by delving into side issues not pertinent to the main. Yet that is part of our nature. Yet I still strive to get to…

Just the facts Ma’am!