Everyday is different though mostly the same. We are creatures of habit, driven by the sun cycle of light and darkness. Yesterday I spent time preparing for my blog but without any subject in mind. I borrowed and modified pictures I found on the internet so they would fit those concepts I am trying to present here.

For the few who do not recognize Lynda Carter it is she on the left in her Wonder Woman outfit. A beautiful woman. We are being entertained by endless views of sexy and pretty women.

There are few men I admire, but from my youth is Harrison Ford who astonished us all by breaking out of the Sci Fi/Adventure category he was born in and becoming a main stream super star.

I am addicted to being entertained. Even our vacation is becoming a schedule based on entertainment. Which night should we see the Blue Men? How about the Australian Bee Gees? But I do not have to go anywhere to face the issue. It is right here at home with theCouchPatato number of hours spent watching recorded material. No matter what I do the number of programs on my HD recorder does not drop under 50! Yet when I examine the list, every program seems to have something of interest.

It bothers me greatly that I have spent so much time as a couch potato. It is apt that I look like one. In the last episode of Biggest Loser I felt I could have easily been one of the contestants. However if I did that it could lead to being a contestant on Amazing Race! But then I would need a partner.

My point is that instead of staring at the Boob Tube, even though it is now being presented in glorious color and HD, one should spend ones time more productively. Even doing a blog is better than being a log. Join your family in activities. They will love you all the more for doing so. Experience life. Wonder!big-family