Don’t Worry!

WhatMeWorry-AlfredENewmanYesterday was a busy and hectic day. Mostly it was frustrating as I was awakened by my Mom, meaning I was late getting out the door to see her. Then I went to get gas and remembered I had forgotten something at home and had to drive back to get it. It took nearly a half hour just to get to 237 and though things looked good on the drive up by the time I got to Whipple there were red brake lights ahead and I panicked and got off 101 at nearly the last instant. Then I thought I would follow the freeway but the road I turned onto was not a through street. So I made my way to El Camino Real and was back in the bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic I was trying to avoid. My mom was happy to see me when I finally showed up. Apparently the world was once again coming to an end.

My mom and I decided on dim sum this week at China Village Seafood Restaurant DimSumwhich has fresh food cooked consistently delicious. We ate until all that was leftover was a cup of chicken corn soup. After bringing my mom home and spending some time with her I began my own journey home. Along the way I stopped by friend Judy who I knew was sick with a cold and offered her the soup. I wished her well and arrived home shortly thereafter.

I then called Chris and he said there was an impromptu girls night out, so we would have pizza and gather for a rare night of Zombie killing. After pizza it took nearly an hour to setup the systems and download the content. But once we got started it seemed the fun was over way too fast, even though we had put in at least 3 hours of solid play into two of the DLC for “Left 4 Dead 2”.

In between having pizza and starting the 4 man 2 TV split screen shooting fest I discussed my troubles with getting to my mom and they all suggested it was because of the end of the world. Apparently not! For that was suppose to be yesterday. If youpizza believe the news, some preacher, who has apparently spent over $100M dollars on making sure everyone had been warned, was bewildered that the world did not end as he predicted.

We also discussed IQ and what it means.

After the major battle ended due to someone’s wife wanting to go home and sleep L4Dnightmareat about 1 AM, Chris and I got into “Borderlands” and managed to get from new to level 7 by 2:30 AM at which time we both agreed we were tired and would continue this again online someday soon.

So was I worried that the world would come to an end? Absolutely not! I do my best to never worry. Instead I ponder solutions to the problem. After exhausting all solutions I still don’t worry!

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