Cher & Vegas Baby!


It’s nearly time to go back to Las Vegas. We went there last year and even though weCherPants spent over a week there, we did not see all that we wanted to see! When we get back we will do our best to see the rest but I suspect there are still too many shows for us to ever leave feeling we have seen it all.

One thing we will do differently is bring our own car. I missed the road trip part of getting to and coming from Las Vegas. I am hoping to see Death Valley up close. I have been longing to see it since 20 Mule Team Borax sponsored “Death Valley Days” on television back in the 1960’s.

We are also going to check out the Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona area because we have never been there before. Unlike last year where we revisited the North Rim of the CherEgyptianGrand Canyon and nearby areas, we are back to visiting new places to know what it is like there. We have covered nearly all of the United States and Canada that way.

Anyway maybe this time we will go see Cher. Cher&SonnyWe have been fans of her since her early days with Sonny Bono.

Those were the good old days and we changed the world with all we did in the 60’s. But I am getting anxious to be on the road again. Very soon now we are going to see Cher & Vegas Baby!

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