Never Say Goodbye!

Bon_VoyageA good friend has come to a tough decision. She is moving to the east coast to be with her family. It will be a trip of at least 3,400 miles. A crazy person could drive that far in about 2 days.

I plan to help her drive her car to her new home when it is time to do so. However I may have to hitchhike back. When we go we plan to see some of our friends and her family along the way. For sure we will go at a pace where we can enjoy the scenery. I expect it will take at least 7 days if we drive about 7 hours each day. The distance is quite considerable and while we plan to stay in touch afterwards, it could be a long time before we actually see each other again. But I understand why she is doing it. Perhaps I would do the same. But all my immediate family is within driving distance. So other than a few road trips I stay pretty much in the bay area.

It is true it will bring an end to watching a movie together on the occasional Friday afternoon. No longer will I stop by her place and drop off some left over dim sum and chat. Over the many years we have known each other she has become nearly as close as a sister. She has certainly been a good friend. If her computer becomes ill with a virus she will need to find someone else to fix it. Perhaps she will read my blog more often to remember me and also see if I mention her again.

But I will not say goodbye. It is too final and makes me cry. Instead I wish her a good trip, yes bon voyage! Also fare thee well, meaning to stay healthy. Those better express an acknowledgement of the distance but the remembrance of how well we know each other. So until we meet again and never say goodbye!

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