Monkey Think, Reality Do!


Lately I am being influenced by the small and how it affects the large. It is easy to ignore Quantum Theory because at our scale we see so little of it. Yet there is a possibility that our most important asset relies on effects at the Quantum level. I am referring to our ability to think and reason about our awareness of ourselves and those about us.

I watched “The Quantum Activist” the other day. In it Amit Goswami PhD who is the author of the textbook “Quantum Mechanics” touched upon dualism. It is a paradox that consciousness being immaterial can somehow interact with matter. As he explains it takes God QuantumActivist(or a god) to resolve the dilemma. God is our bridge from our spirit to this world in which we all interact. In this case I use God but you can substitute Universe, Great Spirit or even Mother Nature! The issue at hand is we share a physical existence, but our spiritual existence is within.

The Quantum Effect is  Schrödinger’s cat actualized. That is that everything is just a possibility until a consciousness observes it. The cat is both alive and dead, but becomes alive or dead upon being seen. That is how thoughts form in our brains, by being just possibilities until our consciousness observes a thought in our brain! It is the spirit from within interacting with our external (to the spirit) physical brain.

It’s just that simple, monkey think, reality do!

One thought on “Monkey Think, Reality Do!

  1. Interesting theory. When you said “it is easy to ignore Quantum Theory because of our scale” it reminded me of a film about scale I recently saw at the Schultz Museum about the Powers of 10. Here is a link to the video we watched, you may or may not find it interesting too…


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