Follow the Hyperlink!

I use to just write. But FingerPointnow I embellish my writing with information, music and video. It is as close as I can come to showing you my actual thoughts. But it only works when you follow the link I have provided. When you click on most underlined text it will take you to a new website. Try it here. I will assume that brought you to a video on YouTube that tries to explain Hypertext in more detail than I will provide in this blog. The next one should lead to an explanation in Wikipedia.

Unfortunately I rely on the world wide web and as it is composed of things that people create and maintain, sometimes the links get broken. On YouTube it often disappears when copyright owners object to it being there. Sometime the owner removes it without any stated reason. More often the account is no longer maintained.

There is a visual song from “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court” called “Busy Doing Nothing” but the link to original was broken due to a closed account. I found a new one that works, but that will not fix my original blog entry made in July 26, 2010.

Despite that many of them are still working and in place. I apologize for those that do not. However it is somewhat reflective of the state of my memory these days. To get a better feeling for how I think, please follow the hyperlink!