How To Find It

PuzzledHave you ever lost something? Misplaced it and then went mad trying to find it? Though it still happens to me now and then, I do my best to put things down only where I expect to find them again. For example my car keys have a place on the corner of my dresser, which is where I expect to find them. So I make a point of always placing them there. I have made it a habit.

But this blog entry comes from many years of wanting a dB that would store its own storage method. Something that was a standard that we could all use to agree on what is what. We are getting there slowly. With XML we have a way of gathering info from the web and integrating it into our own Apps. But itPaperTape is text based and somewhat inefficient. I suppose my concern about bandwidth and means of storage comes from having been involved with computers since they addressed only 64KB of total read and write memory (some only about 256 bytes). Back then we stored things on tape. Perhaps some of you have seen a cassette tape? But how many of you have seen paper tape?

Because the virtual world can be as difficult to find things in as our real one. It wouldCokeCan be wonderful to have one place that tells you where to find what you are looking for. I am not referring to search engines like Yahoo! or Google. Nor am I interest in text based confusion or knowing the language my data is in. Say I want to know the number of feet in a mile or kilometer. Or how many calories there is in the average egg. How about all those values listed on food, what it is composed of and such. I should have an app that just by scanning the bar code it could tell me everything about that object. But for now we need to read and research all this common knowledge individually all over the world. What a waste and all because we do not know where to find it. In fact it may not be on the web at all!

Take my advice and create a good habit. Pick a spot for what you want to find and make an effort to only put that item in that one spot. Then when you go looking for it, there is only one spot it must be. Follow the rule of only placing items where you expect to find them. Do this consciously everyday for at least two weeks. After that when you go looking for something, it will be in that one spot.

That’s how to find it!