All The Marbles


Lately I have been pondering finite sets. There is a game we all use to play called Marbles. It is an old game with a simple rule. Every round each player puts up one marble and the winner gets all the marbles that were in play. This naturally favors the player with the most skill or luck. Eventually one player could win all the marbles from all the other players at which point it is game over.

The analogy I am attempting to make is one between the game of marbles and AllTheMarblesbetting with money. However in the game of marbles a marble is both part of the game as well as the prize! Taking it further it makes me think of gold, a subject I’ve touched upon recently. Our world has only so much of it. Now that China has opened its doors I suspect it will import as much gold as it can, for the Asians really love gold. Especially as they are experiencing an economic growth that is unprecedented in our history.

But China is not a bubble. However their new ability to afford and pursue gold, can make one. At least gold is not perishable like the Dutch tulip bulbs. Nor are marbles.

As far as gambling with money consider this. We are in a rat race that involves a Ponzi scheme run by the IMF. Someday we will all lose. That day is coming far too soon. We will know it is here when they have all the marbles.