Is Money What You Want?


Most people will agree with the statement “Money, that’s what I want”. On your left is one of the last paper equivalent for something truly valuable, GOLD! The simple answer to why that metal is worth so much lies in the theory of Supply and Demand. Because gold is desirable there is high demand for it. But being a scarce natural resource there is only a small supply of gold in existence which makes it very precious. Until a few years ago the price of an ounce of gold did not move very much. Lately it has been like an earthquake caused by plate slippage. It is more than $2,000 per ounce; for dollars are no longer backed by gold.

For some time now our Benjamin’s are “Federal Reserve Note”. We have traded gold for paper worth less than barley. This new money is Fiat Currency. The EURO is too.

FelixIt is easy to forget the important things in life. One can make misery a habit. In a world that goes out of its way to express a positive concept in negative terms, that is not surprising. Good health is what I want. Everything beyond that is a luxury IMHO (in my humble opinion). What we need and what we want are usually very different. What we want and what we settle for is more often the case than not. Remember that King Midas got what he wanted.

How about you? Think carefully before answering! Is money what you want?