Merry Mother’s Day!


Even Picasso acknowledged Mother’s day by painting the beautiful mother and child on your left. In my family we are still lucky to have our Mom’s. However my mama refuses to participate in the “Let’s take mom to a restaurant!” on Mother’s day craziness. Instead she just asks to be with her children, which I leave up to the other three siblings. I do that because my mama and I already celebrated Mother’s day on Saturday by going to yeah! restaurant. We had our favorite, their Chicken Dumplings as well as Chicken Chow Mein and Combination Fried Rice. It was all served fresh and the consistency of their high quality has been fabulous. Sophia was there and quietly provided an excellent service, as always! By the way there was no crowds to speak of.

Today I called my mother early and she said she was still expecting to see my two siblings that do not live with her. The one that does is going to spend time with her own children. We talked about how odd it is that people make such a fuss on Mother’s day. We lamented that family is often too involved with themselves to remember how fleeting life is.

I come back to that theme because we are human and mortal. By being human we share these wonderful things called emotions. We experience the joy and angst of having a relation. We all share our laughter and our tears. By being mortal we need to make every moment count. For there is no extra time in which we get to do it again correctly. We get one shot at everything. Regardless of how many times we celebrate Mother’s day, it is a finite number. From the moment you are born and up to the age of 85, at least one half of the people born with you, the ones you went to school with are still alive. I am speaking of the students, not the teachers. But by 90, 80% of them are all dead.

So remember to call your mom. Try to do it more than once a year. Really you cannot call her enough! Believe me she will appreciate hearing from you. If she has already passed away, say a prayer or just take a moment to give thanks to that very special woman who gave you your life.

Have a Merry Mother’s Day!