Put On a Happy Face!

PutOnAHappyFaceThere is no doubt in my mind that I am an optimist. Especially in these days where it is tough to find work and opportunities seem far and few between. My car has been needing new tires so I decided it was finally time. We will do a road trip soon and I like to feel confident our car will make it. But there is so much wrong that it will cost me about 3 times what I expected. Still it is all solvable with money.bills-samIt is amazing that this world has adopted the idea of fiat money. Basically we all just agree to use the convenience of paper and now more so electronic transfer to move some numbers around to satisfy our debt. Everyone knows that it is not money but what you exchange it for that really counts. But some forget and pursue that abstraction as if a number to more than 6 digits has some significant meaning. In fact there are people that have managed to amass over a billion dollars of it.

But the most important thing is being able to breath clean air. Though in a city that is often difficult to find, at least it is free. Water nearly use to be, but now too many gladly pay for decent drinking water. Food use to be cheap but its getting more expensive. Why? Oil. We are beyond peak oil and there is no cost effective replacement.

At least that is what Mike Ruppert tells us in “Collapse”. I watched it on NetflixMikeRuppert recently and was very impressed with his manner of explaining things. Finally his predictions are becoming fact and we are living in the collapse of all things as we have known them. Worse it is all going from bad to horrible. Still very well done and believable.

Is his just anotherChicken Littlestory? Perhaps not. What a pessimistic view of the world. Some would perhaps say realistic. I just look at the disasters we have already been through and see that it is in our spirit to patch things up and get them back to normal. However what does one do when the tools for getting back to normal no longer exist?

Well ignore it. Focus on the positive. Start making a smile and put on a happy face!