Life Can Be Done in an Instant

I imagine I am a moth on a wall. Most likely I am asleep. I presume this because I do not move as a large predator approaches. Perhaps I am dreaming of flying in the moonlight or munching down on a delicious tidbit.

<<<S P L A T>>>

My life as a moth is over in less than a second. Have you ever had a falling dream? Did you ever awake from one with a physical jolt? That is what I think happened to the moth. How it felt as its soul was smashed out of its body.

I view the gruesome crime scene and quickly use a tissue to wipe what remains of the moth off the wall. A small sense of regret is experienced by me at having caused its demise. My guilt has led me to record my thoughts about that incident here. What a killer I have become. I barely thought about the act before it was done.

Its reminds me of a terrible war my friend Steve and his brother Larry waged on a FootStompmass of cockroaches in a recently vacated apartment, many years ago. Our weapon of choice was a spray can that claimed to instantly kill roaches. But after we watched these creatures swim in the lake of poison on the kitchen floor we resorted to the more effective foot stomp. In a world concerned about animal rights and preserving soon to be extinct species, we all apply a different set of rules to our pests.

<<<S T O M P>>>

In less than a second another roach’s spirit seeks a new form in order that it may make its way up the karmic ladder. Perhaps I was a victim like this roach. Maybe I will evolve into one as a reward for having dispatched so many of them to their next journey. The only lesson learned so far is that one’s life can be done in an instant.