Month: May 2011

Decoration Day

Yesterday was the official observance of Decoration Day. However the name was changed and the date became floating as the last Monday in May to assure everyone a three day holiday weekend. It is now called Memorial Day. A day on which to remember even the unknown soldier on our left. I am no fan […]

Bagpipes and Didgeridoo

My friend Lorin is blogging about bagpipes at “The Pipers Drone”. In it he mentions circular breathing as a means of generating the volume of air required to make noise. Oops! I meant music. This brought to mind how aborigines play the Didgeridoo with big puffed out cheeks. So I mentioned it to him as […]

Die Again and Again Just To Progress

Borderlands takes place in a very violent world. Nearly everything in it wants to kill you. There is no option to make friends. It is all about the guns and violence. There is almost no time to admire the immense landscapes as bullets keep flying and attacks are coming from things underground as well as […]

Just The Facts Ma’am!

This blog is not about Jack Webb or Dragnet, but I must give credit to where it is due. Thanks to badge 714 I know how to think. I am a big fan and must have watched nearly all the episodes. I just could not get enough, it was so captivating. But it did not […]


Everyday is different though mostly the same. We are creatures of habit, driven by the sun cycle of light and darkness. Yesterday I spent time preparing for my blog but without any subject in mind. I borrowed and modified pictures I found on the internet so they would fit those concepts I am trying to […]

Don’t Worry!

Yesterday was a busy and hectic day. Mostly it was frustrating as I was awakened by my Mom, meaning I was late getting out the door to see her. Then I went to get gas and remembered I had forgotten something at home and had to drive back to get it. It took nearly a […]

Cher & Vegas Baby!

It’s nearly time to go back to Las Vegas. We went there last year and even though we spent over a week there, we did not see all that we wanted to see! When we get back we will do our best to see the rest but I suspect there are still too many shows […]

Never Say Goodbye!

A good friend has come to a tough decision. She is moving to the east coast to be with her family. It will be a trip of at least 3,400 miles. A crazy person could drive that far in about 2 days. I plan to help her drive her car to her new home when […]

Monkey Think, Reality Do!

Lately I am being influenced by the small and how it affects the large. It is easy to ignore Quantum Theory because at our scale we see so little of it. Yet there is a possibility that our most important asset relies on effects at the Quantum level. I am referring to our ability to […]

Follow the Hyperlink!

I use to just write. But now I embellish my writing with information, music and video. It is as close as I can come to showing you my actual thoughts. But it only works when you follow the link I have provided. When you click on most underlined text it will take you to a […]