Insanity Achieved!


Insanity was won through proper planning and a few failed attempts. I am proud to show that I am able to keep at something until I succeed at attaining my goal. On your left is the Medal of Valor and only those who have played through the game Mass Effect 1 a minimum of three times can earn it. For Insanity is locked until Hardcore is won and Hardcore is also unplayable until at least one play through from beginning to end of one of the other three difficulties 1912OlympicGoldMedal(Casual, Normal or Veteran). You know it is the end when the credits roll and you must play through the scenarios of Feros, Liara, Noveria, Virmire in any order. Though Virmire does not appear until at least two of them have been played. After that Ilos will unlock which in playing leads directly to the final confrontation.

Winning the Medal of Valor is the same as winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics. This feels like Shepard telling Wrex that Earth’s war was the same as the Krogan’s. He would surely disagree as no doubt would an Olympian, but then what does an Olympian do after getting a Gold Medal in the Olympics? They can go back and do it again. In my case I can only ME2-Insanitydo it again by clearing out all the stats and starting the game from the very beginning. The right answer IMHO (in my humble opinion) is to find a new challenge.

I should mention that this is the 2nd Insanity Achievement I have won in the Mass Effect Trilogy. We are all waiting for ME3 to come out, so there is a possibility there will be one more. Somehow the difficulty in obtaining the achievement in ME1 far outweighs the effort it took to get it in ME2.

At least one thing is certain. I have gotten both Insanity for ME2 and the Medal of Valor for ME1. So at this point in my life I can proudly proclaim Insanity Achieved!me3