Princess First Kiss


Fairy tales do come true, they can happen to you, but it is like winning the lottery. A rare event that actually happens to a real live person. I woke up and watched most of the Royal Wedding early this morning but by 4:30 AM PST I was too tired to see anymore. I was up again at 8:30 AM PST and began looking online at pictures from the Royal Wedding and really liked this one of Kate and William giving her a first kiss as a princess on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

It is a magical time to be alive though memories and constant comparison to events from nearly 30 years ago can hardly be avoided. That after all was his mother and father. To me it is miraculous to see a majority of humanity wishing them well. It just goes to show that we are all more the same than different. This is how we share our joy and our grief as well. It is easy to celebrate because we all immerse ourselves in their lives as if they are our close friends. We know more about them than some of the people we see everyday and we are all like this.lg_t1larg_suse_5_cnnSo look at all the many people joining in the happiness and wonder of two people agreeing to be husband and wife until death do them part. Brought to us in HD as well! The sound and visuals so fantastic I felt I was actually there!

What a wonder it is to witness along with 2 billion people that Princess First Kiss!RoyalWed-whole-group