Achieving Insanity!

ME-AshleyI am struggling to get the Insanity achievement in Mass Effect 1. The achievement medal displayed in lower right was gotten by beating the game at Hardcore difficulty. But with Insanity I have already made several failed attempts. This time with some hints from the internet I hope to win.

My avatar is called GretaGrunt. She is enlisted as a soldier. She was born on earth as an orphan whom I took from new to level 55 at Casual difficulty. With her I am hoping to finally pull this off. She is using the only class that has Heavy Armor and an ability called Immunity which while enabled means nothing can kill her. But these abilities last only for a short time. Luckily there is another ability called Adrenalin with which one can instantly enable a recharging ability.

With Immunity on she is a tank! Nothing can stop her. By playing cautiously and watching the status of her and her two companions it has already enabled me to make it past Luna building 3 at Insanity difficulty. A scenario which I also failed to beat in my previous Hardcore attempts. However one can still win the game without needing to defeat Luna.

I am leaving what I consider the hardest scenario for nearly last. In Noveria there is a Hot Labs scenario that has road blocked all my attempts at Insanity difficulty. ME1-DistinguishedCombatMedal-CompleteHardcorePlaythroughBasically you set off a bomb’s timer and before the bomb goes off you must cross a room full of Rachni (think big as rhino cockroaches) to get in the elevator and escape to safety. So far I could not kill or plow through the enemy in time.

Having to restart and try again can happen in real life too. At a road block one needs to rethink what they are doing. By trying a different approach one can often get around some new found obstacle. Retrying is the only way one can win. It is the only way to succeed and go from failure to achieving insanity!