Change In The Wind

2011apr14GearyJust to prove there is nothing original left, I made up the title and then went to YouTube and found this. My title is based on a recent dream where a friend was moving their business somewhere else. Why? Well because the children are coming of course! What children? The ones in the new baby boom, they are everywhere! Haven’t you noticed? Apparently my subconscious did and made it clear that there are changes coming in the wind. Maybe it is an influence from Mary Poppins. She came in on one wind and said “I shall stay until the wind changes”. Everyone is talking about changes, especially in the economy, however for now I am still seeking clients.

Each new day I begin by thinking of all that I have yet to do. It is a struggle keeping my priorities straight. Often my body rebels and then a pain in my ankle cripples me, limiting what I am able to do. You know there are a lot of excuses one can lose oneself in by dwelling on all the possible ways of avoiding something important like exercise. Which is silly considering how simple it is to do. Providing you are sensible and only exercise to 80% of your maximum hearth rate and most importantly do not follow the insane doctrine laid forth by “The Biggest Loser”. Do this for only a half hour and only three days a week with at least one day of rest between each exercise period and you will be much healthier than going without exercise.

In the upper left corner is a recent photo of myself taken on my birthday. To you it will look like me. To me it is not what I imagine myself to be. I realize it is what I look like, but honestly it is not what I wish to look like. I am also looking much older now. Life does this to us, it makes us go through changes.

Though it is a struggle I manage to accomplish getting through each day Race_the_Sunand accomplishing something useful. It is a small triumph that cheers me up and allows me to see an eventual victory. It all depends on acting, moving, making a decision to improve ones position in life and actually doing something about it!

In lower right I am remembering a movie that I really like and have watched several times. It starts in Hawaii and winds up in Australia. Students with the help of a couple of teachers build a sun powered vehicle to race in a competition and while attempting to win the race learn important life lessons along the way. The movie was made before either Halle Berry or Jim Belushi were as well known as they are now. Its in this blog because while thinking of changes and wind I remembered a fierce wind they faced in Australia and imagined the movie was “Race the Wind” but I was wrong about the title!

Who knows what will happen now that there is a Change In The Wind?