It’s About Time!

CaveGirlOne of my guilty pleasures in the last century, when I was quite a bit younger was a sitcom by the name of  “It’s About Time”. The premise was simple, a couple of astronauts with a time machine become stuck in a land filled with dinosaurs and cavemen. What really got my attention was mostly the theme song. What a catchy tune! I would hum and think about it way too often. That show lasted one season. Unlike “Star Trek” there was no fan base to revive it, nor was it nearly as good. But it remains one of the few things I remember from the previous century.

This century is over 11 years old as I officially near my 61’st birthday. No pleasure that it always falls a day before the income tax is due. My life is in a state of procrastinationDancers which guarantees me to remain concerned with taxes on my birthday, even though I have exerted great efforts to be rid of it prior, yet it never works out that way. Getting older also means I have less ability and reason (in all the ways you can turn that phrase) to aspire it be done.

When all is said and done it is time to change. To do and move. For only by putting things in motion will any of the many things needing to be done, get done!

Yes, it’s about time!