Month: April 2011

Insanity Achieved!

Insanity was won through proper planning and a few failed attempts. I am proud to show that I am able to keep at something until I succeed at attaining my goal. On your left is the Medal of Valor and only those who have played through the game Mass Effect 1 a minimum of three […]

Princess First Kiss

Fairy tales do come true, they can happen to you, but it is like winning the lottery. A rare event that actually happens to a real live person. I woke up and watched most of the Royal Wedding early this morning but by 4:30 AM PST I was too tired to see anymore. I was […]

Achieving Insanity!

I am struggling to get the Insanity achievement in Mass Effect 1. The achievement medal displayed in lower right was gotten by beating the game at Hardcore difficulty. But with Insanity I have already made several failed attempts. This time with some hints from the internet I hope to win. My avatar is called GretaGrunt. […]

Help Me Understand

Have you ever heard something wrong? Your brain has played a trick on you! It tried to deliver a sensible response but failed. It happened to me a few days ago. What I heard did not make any sense so I asked my friend to repeat what they said and indeed I had heard it […]

A Simple Life

Our world is too complex. Just in my lifetime we have gone from communicating primarily with letters and telegrams and sharing a party line for voice, to individual cell phones with texting capability. The older forms are still available, for now, but when was the last time you sent a telegram? Even the FAX has […]

Change In The Wind

Just to prove there is nothing original left, I made up the title and then went to YouTube and found this. My title is based on a recent dream where a friend was moving their business somewhere else. Why? Well because the children are coming of course! What children? The ones in the new baby […]

It’s About Time!

One of my guilty pleasures in the last century, when I was quite a bit younger was a sitcom by the name of  “It’s About Time”. The premise was simple, a couple of astronauts with a time machine become stuck in a land filled with dinosaurs and cavemen. What really got my attention was mostly […]

If Only I Had a Memory

When I was young I had no problem recalling seemingly endless amounts of trivia. My peeve was waiting for people who would invariably not show up because they forgot our appointment. Now that I am older I sympathize, for I now know what it feels like to have a forgetful memory. In one way it […]