22,266 Days and Counting

My journey in life has now taken about 22,266 days give or take a few hours. I still WomanWakingUpwake up trying to remember who I am and what am I doing here. When I look at other people I can see that they have appliedRulon-Gardner-has-dropped-150 themselves in a nearly maddening pace to succeed. Some have even attained their goals. Some of those have fallen, but at least have the background and knowledge of what it takes to succeed again.

We live mostly a daily routine. We wake and stretch and adhere to a regimen of cleanliness. With luck we have a nice moving of the bowels. Then consumption of something good to eat to break our fast. Some activity then transpires in a competitive race to a place that exchanges our labor for monetary compensation. Come midday we breakaway as a group to find a place to chow down some lunch, often with associates from our work place.

When I was younger it was no struggle to get into the reverse race and scurry back to my nest, but now it is nearly impossible to go without a nap. Yet eventually with orrat-race without a nap one makes it back to the domicile and then either goes out for dinner or stays home and becomes a couch potato slowly consuming their meal along with blanking their minds in the endless entertainment available to us on a screen.

We either have a mate or not but few of us are fortunate enough to be truly alone. We have made it to where we are by interacting with many faces and stories and examples of how we can live our lives. Mostly we copy what we have seen. Some creative spirits go off and adopt new ways. But our days though many are finite. I know of people who did not make it to 10,000 days. I also know of someone who has made it past 50,000 days, but they can be counted on the finger of one hand.

I expect to live as long as I can. I think we all do. I am happy that I have lived for as long as I have. We will see how many more days are left, how many I actually make it to, but someone else will record that number. For one day it will become nearly impossible to communicate with this world. The path to this dream will be lost and if I am still in existence it will most likely be in some parallel universe where no doubt I will be contemplating my age in days instead of years.

Until then it has been 22,266 Days and Counting.CemetarySkyline