It seems that time passes without purpose when one loses focus. There are two parts to getting things done. One is doing. But that requires focus.

Making a decision is easy. Sticking to it is difficult. That is why in some infamous war the leader literally had his men burn the bridges behind them so they knew it was life or death and no turning back! HarpoMarxCandleBurningBothEnds copyWe must find that way for ourselves because in some sense our bridges are also being burnt. We can no longer return on the path we got here. It is time itself that burns those bridges and reduces the length of our candle, until that fateful day we realize our own demise.

Like everyone else I hope that day never comes. Unlike some I believe it never will. At best we are all partaking in a dream within a dream and as we awake, we do so into a greater reality, which is also a dream.

But that time will be here all too soon! Which is why we need to focus on the things that need to be done. Regardless of how mundane the task is, it does not get done by itself. We need to instigate the process by Focus!OutOfFocus