March Madness

MarchHare2As time goes by this blog has less and less to do with reality, but is still impacted by it. Everything I write about in here is fiction, though an influence from what some consider the real world cannot help but affect my thoughts. For a small business like Chopoff Consulting there are always tax issues. It is something that not only comes around every year but sometimes comes back to haunt you! This happens a lot it seems to me, but on review, only every three years or so.

So while I have been busily seeking new clients and examining both the inner and actual workings of 3D graphics as deployed in various mass market products, I have also been doing my best to respond to the insane workings of the infernal revenue serpents! Believe me, going through the details of a transformation required for the rotation of a non-spherical object is way easier than following the  legal logic in the spaghetti code that apparently binds all taxpayers in handcuffs and presumes each and everyone of them a criminal! I say, didn’t we have a revolution over that with King George? Last I heard we should always be presumed innocent!

During my career I have read a volume of non-documented source often called legacy code. This has enabled me to go through legalize, but not necessarily understand it. A friend of mine who use to be a programmer for a large corporation with the word “oil” in its name, has become a lawyer. He is where my extensive knowledge of Mabel (Ma-Bell) originates from. Perhaps he became one because of the similarities in the manner in which one deals with legal issues and the manner in which one deals with programming and system issues. But he says it is all about Mabel.

I suppose the thought I am trying to track down is how much the world really is not what it looked like when I was more ignorant. Not that I actually understand anything anymore. There is that saying about the more you learn the less you know. How true!

This is still my business’s blog. It is here to demonstrate that I am a creative individual with many stories and ways of relating them to you. That I have an understanding of many diverse topics and a vast knowledge base enabling me to apply solutions to unique and novel opportunities. That even as we are in the midst of tax terror season, my humor and levity can ease your anxiety. Mostly what I have written is trivial and where the importance really lies in that next breath you are able to take. However take heed and warning to be careful with the next step you make during March Madness.KidsHoldHands