Month: March 2011

22,266 Days and Counting

My journey in life has now taken about 22,266 days give or take a few hours. I still wake up trying to remember who I am and what am I doing here. When I look at other people I can see that they have applied themselves in a nearly maddening pace to succeed. Some have […]

Lost in Thought!

The words “Danger Will Robinson” echo through the halls of memory as I wander down memory lane. My eyes glaze over as my attention focuses on visions of things past. So many stories that their plots blend and merge leaving me to wonder how we ever keep things straight. So much of what we think […]


It seems that time passes without purpose when one loses focus. There are two parts to getting things done. One is doing. But that requires focus. Making a decision is easy. Sticking to it is difficult. That is why in some infamous war the leader literally had his men burn the bridges behind them so […]

March Madness

As time goes by this blog has less and less to do with reality, but is still impacted by it. Everything I write about in here is fiction, though an influence from what some consider the real world cannot help but affect my thoughts. For a small business like Chopoff Consulting there are always tax […]