Domino Effect

One of the first things I learned as a child was to stack dominos. I loved to hear that clack-clack-clack sound ripple down the row until the last domino has fallen. But I was not alone as demonstrated by the numerous attempts to have the most dominos stacked and success measured only if one gets them all to fall.

It is an analogy of how everything we do affects everyone around us. Most often we are the domino and the sound of our hitting the next domino is the message being passed through the universe like a ripple in a pond. However when playing with dominos one finds that a misplaced domino can cause the effect to come to an abrupt end. To continue my analogy, you can be that domino that stops the gossip by not passing it on. You can filter what you say, though it is often impossible to filter what you hear.

In summary all of the dominos must be properly stacked to get the domino effect.domino-effect