Mass Effect!

KasumiFor a few weeks now I have been playing Mass Effect. I started with 1 and then went into 2 with the ability to import the character I had developed. They promise I can do the same when Mass Effect 3 is released around Christmas this year. It was a very involving story and I think I did quite well for the first time play through. I saved the universe (twice) and managed to keep most of my crew alive. They allowed me to choose the lead to be either male or female. As is my want, knowing I will spend hours looking at this character move about, I chose a female lead. She is another avatar called FireFox with red hair of course!

As I am unable to show you my avatar I chose a stunning pose by Kasumi. She is a worthy ally, highly recommended to get the DLC that adds her to your crew in ME2.

I was rather surprised by how involved I became with my character and the story line. Though I mostly pursued the good I did allow my dark side to arise now and then. Soon I will follow the dark side from the beginning to see the other side of winning and the altered version of storyline that should lead to nearly the same events. That avatar will be male with the name of MadDog!

For anyone into a good science fiction story with lots of detail describing the inventions that allow this galactic tale to exist, I highly recommend Mass Effect!