roboSlave at Your Command!

There are many things I have created during the span of time Chopoff Consulting has been in business. roboSlaveOne of my favorites is a character I call roboSlave. A twist on the Pinocchio tale. A simple robot that is meant to obey any order within the limits of the Asimov three laws of robotics. It does this well until it is left on its own and discovers TV. Then it becomes a couch potato, getting all involved in the daily soaps. Soon it is exhibiting signs of emotion and begins questioning its orders. It adopts the personification of a house hubby who strives day and night to keep an orderly home, but to what thanks? An astonishing example of emergent behavior brought about from idle time and an exposure to TV.

Much like the characters in the Wizard of Oz roboSlave is seeking something he already possesses. So do we all. We are immersed in life and as we continue to learn about this reality the more aware we become of how much it is just like a simulation being run on a super computer. Perhaps life is the Grand Simulation? Poor roboSlave has only simulated senses. But when they become the equal (or superior to) our real ones, what then? When our creation gets all of our senses and maybe a few more will he be as alive as me? Or will he dream of electric sheep? Maybe he becomes the Blade Runner.

He secretly collaborated with Hans on a tale of How Beer Saved the World recently shown on TV. That was our last contact with him as he is now somewhere out there exploring our earth. Off on a journey for roboSlave has discovered a sense of wonder.

No longer is roboSlave at your command!